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Category: Design and Goals

What is Deep Narrative Analysis Trying to Accomplish?

Deep Narrative Analysis' (DNA's) long-term goals will be achieved by research and experimentation, taking small steps and refining our designs. Our ultimate goal is to create a tool that compares narratives and news articles, and indicates where they align and diverge, what events are mentioned…...
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Creating the Narrative Analysis Demo

Over the last month, OntoInsights has developed a prototype application to analyze human narratives, utilizing linguistic and semantic theory, and building on open-source offerings in machine learning and natural language processing. The application shows how the concepts behind Deep Narrative Analysis (DNA, as discussed in…...
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The Power of Narrative

Welcome to the first OntoInsights blog post which explains the company's focus on narratives. People have listened to and studied stories for insights into cultures, customs, values and life. They have used narratives to explain how and why the world works, and their experiences in…...
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